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Security Center

Welcome to the Service Credit Union Security Center where you can find the latest security notifications affecting the Credit Union and information on scams such as telephone scams, counterfeit checks, and job scams to name a few.

Our Fraud Department posts important information to protect your financial and personal information from cyber threats such as phishing, vishing, smishing and malware that can lead to financial fraud or Identity Theft. Service Credit Union advises our members to review the Security Center for the latest information in protecting your financial information. We provide you information on how to identify fraud, tips to keep your information safe and how to receive your credit report information.

Please be advised that Service Credit Union would never ask for unsolicited account information such as your card number, PIN, account number or password. Some of these scams include, receiving an email about your debit/credit card being locked, compromised or needing a new password. You could also receive an odd telephone call or text stating the account has been compromised or frozen and to immediately call to resolve the issue. Never provide personal or account information to unsolicited emails or return a telephone call or text.

Should there be any questions, we are happy to assist you.Please do not hesitate to contact us by calling 800.936.7730 (U.S.) or 00800.4728.2000 (Int'l) -note that you can also use the telephone numbers found on the back of your card.

You may also completethis form to report any of this activity, be sure to provide enough information so we can properly assess the potential scam.


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