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ServicePlus Checking

Our ServicePlus Checking account offers three interest retailers. So, the more you leave on deposit, the more you'll earn. Plus, monthly maintenance fees are kept to a minimum on this account, and if you maintain electronic direct deposit into your account, there are no monthly maintenance fees and no minimum balance requirements.

  • Dividends paid - View rates
  • FREE Visa® debit card
  • Get paid up to two days early with direct deposit*
  • Courtesy Pay**
  • 20 Free withdrawals** monthly on non-SCU ATMs (surcharges on other ATMs not included) with direct deposit and maintaining a positive balance in your accounts***
  • Free ATMs and International Visa fees with direct deposit***
  • Free bill pay with direct deposit or a minimum monthly balance of $1,500

Account Balancing

Checking Accounts

Direct Deposit

Must maintain direct deposit of entire net pay (NOT ALLOTMENT) into a Service Credit Union checking account to qualify. Immediate credit of your direct deposit to your Service Credit Union checking account up to two (2) days early is based upon when we receive your payroll from your employer. Service Credit Union cannot assume any liability for not depositing these funds to your account early.

Courtesy Pay up to $1,000 does not take effect until after the first direct deposit is received and stops when a direct deposit is discontinued. Otherwise, $500 Courtesy Pay is available if approved. Excludes No Fee Checking

The number of free withdrawals from non-SCU ATMs is 20 monthly. ATM surcharges from other financial institutions will be refunded up to $20 a month and Visa International Service Assessment (ISA) fees on debit and credit cards combined will be rebated up to $20 monthly. Eligibility requirements are direct deposit of entire net pay into a SCU checking account and maintaining a positive balance in all your SCU accounts. Refunds will be applied to account on first business day of the following monthly cycle that the rebate eligibility requirements were met. The rebate benefit is only available for SCU checking account holders. Excludes No Fee Checking.

® Visa is a registered trademark of the Visa International Service Association.


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